BCCN’s Contingency Fee Schedule

Recovering Compensation without Obligation for Our Kentucky Clients

At Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC, our Louisville personal injury lawyers are truly dedicated to our Kentucky clients. We have cultivated a reputation for obtaining million dollar and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements through settlements and verdicts for victims of accidents and negligence.

We know that after severe trauma, obtaining compensation can greatly help our clients recover, both physically and emotionally. Having the means to pay medical and rehabilitation bills, as well as a monetary award for pain and suffering, can alleviate the burden of taking care of yourself and your family, especially when you are forced to take time off work to recover.

When you are facing an injury, the last thing you should have to worry about is additional legal fees. Our Kentucky personal injury attorneys take all cases on a contingency fee basis to help you. Call us at (502) 565-0035 to discuss your case.

Benefits of a Contingency Fee Schedule

In all personal injury cases, our Louisville lawyers will come to a fair fee arrangement to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

  • Our contingency fee agreements offer the following benefits:
  • You do not have to pay unless we are able to recover compensation
  • Legal fees come from your recovery
  • There are not out of pocket attorney fees that you need to pay
  • We are committed to working hard to get you the money you need

Trust in BCCN’s Professional Reputation

Our representation is not only cost-effective, but is backed by a solid reputation for reaching successful outcomes both in and out of the courtroom. We have experience with a number of serious injuries, including severe motor vehicle accidents, cases of medical malpractice and nursing home neglect or abuse, product liability issues, and emotionally taxing cases of wrongful death, among many other case types.

Our commitment to helping victims and their families show in everything we do. To benefit from our high-level or professional service, schedule your free initial consultation by calling BCCN at (502) 565-0035.